Part-time & Full-time Summer Nannies

  • All Summer Long!

PART-TIME AND FULL-TIME SUMMER NANNIES, ALL SUMMER LONG. Four O Six Nannies have the most experienced and trusted caregivers in the area! Let us help you with: -Pick up and Drop off to activities -Part-time -Full-time -Overnight -Errands -Take the kids on adventures! Hiking, biking, and swimming! We will scan through current team members schedules and profiles to see if any nannies are a good fit for you. If there isn’t a nanny on our team available we will interview a candidate for you. We post job listings immediately and interview specifically for your position. We screen candidates which includes: reviewing applications, resumes, call three of more childcare references, one in-person interview, and one phone interview, process background checks and check social media accounts for good judgment and character. They must also meet or exceed all of our requirements listed on the website. Part-time Placement 30 hours or less a week June 1st-August 26th $250 Full-time Nanny 35 or more hours a week June 1st-August 26th $450 Nanny hourly starts at $13/hr *Registration beings on March 1st!

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 406-813-1896