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Summer Time and Allergies

Written by: Sarah MacDonald 

I am suffering. Every day this week has been BRUTAL! My eyes are glued shut by morning. When I wake up I step out of my bed and on to  a pile of tissues I must have created during the night. I am so tired, I don't even remember doing it. These allergies are draining my energy. I am a social person and I feel like everyone around me must think I'm sick. I don't even dare to try to shake people's hands when I have allergies, in the back on my mind I believe they think I have some contagious disease. My red nose, my bright red eyes that constantly water, the non stop sneezing. Who knows, if I get to close I could sneeze on someone!  

Seasonal allergies + being a parent = the hardest part!  

I am outdoors everyday "enjoying" Summer camp with my littles. Mostly I am trying to monitor and help them while sneezing up a storm and rubbing my eyes! 

If you're thinking I should just try a stronger medicine, I hear you, but I am nursing, so for me, that's not an option. This low dose generic brand does not seem to be working. I've tried a year of local bee pollen and local honey. I've tried getting healthy and taking probiotics. I feel like I've tried everything! Last year I even went to get acupuncture for my allergies!  
The bright side of my allergies is that they are season, in a couple more weeks they will be gone. They are not food allergies that are around all year.  On that note, we just found out my daughter is allergic to wheat, cows milk, and egg whites. Do you know what seems to be in so much of what we eat? At least one of these three ingredients! It's insane. I had no idea whole eggs would be in wheat free bread and in general, what is in a lot of products. I used to read labels, but now I am truly researching what is in our food!  Out of solidarity for our daughter, we are going to try to keep everything free of these ingredients in our home. 

Today's goal is going to be to make a cheese sauce out of potatoes and carrots! Who knew these ingredients could create a cheese sauce. It's called "the best vegan cheese sauce" according to my quick google search. Wish me luck! 

Do you have any egg free, cow's milk free, egg free child friendly recipes that you love? Please share! 

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