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Written by: Sarah MacDonald

'Moving again?' I thought to myself as I packed up our home for the fifth time in three years! At that time we had already lived in four different countries and we aren't missionaries or a military family, we just keep moving! I kept thinking 'What are we doing? We are all over the place! We have two kids and want  more, so is this really a good time to be moving? I am going to have to meet new friends all over again. Get into a routine again. Learn all the best things a city has to offer... again!'

Every time we moved I would always get that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, but by this time it was now my "all too familiar feeling".

I remember the first week I arrived in Bozeman. We went to Lindley Park, near the library. I started talking to two of the moms there. I was eager to try to befriend them, while talking to them, one told me that they took their little one skiing with them at the age of 1.5 and the other said she was in to surfing and had just relocated from a Hawaiian Island! I kept thinking 'Wow! The moms here are so much more active with their children than I am. All I do is hike!' They were lovely mothers, but I kept comparing my level of activity to theirs and suddenly my confident self went to hide somewhere and I was unable to work up the courage to ask if they wanted to hang out again. This made me even more nervous about finding friends I could connect with in this city. In my mind, these moms would never want to be friends with me, because they were too active and I wouldn't be able to keep up. 

Where was the confidence I had from the city I relocated from? In the last city I lived in, I found it really hard difficult to meet friends the entire time I lived there. So why was Bozeman going to be any different? Luckily, in the last small town I moved from, I made two very close friends there. Do you want to know how I met them? One I approached in a restaurant while she was eating with her family. Our family invited theirs over for a BBQ (the day all of our boxes were arriving from the movers). We became fast friends and our bond was strong from the beginning. The other friend, I first connected with when I saw her jogging with her little boy that looked to be the same size and mine, so I pulled my truck over, hopped out and introduced myself! Yes, this was a bold move both times, but I literally had nothing to lose because I didn't know anyone in the town. Being a stay at home mom can be very lonely without friends and I was desperate to find some. 

So I knew how to make friends (just flat out approaching people), but would the moms here be open to that? That’s when I joined a Facebook Moms group. The mom who started the asked if anyone wanted to join her for a walk. I was nervous still, that I wouldn’t be fit enough to hang out with her, but I pushed past my insecurities and met her. She ended up posting another walk invitation a few weeks later and again a few weeks after that. I attended every walk she posted. I ended up connecting with her (she still has this Facebook group and is still my friend) and I am still friends with all the other mothers I met on those first few walks. 

I also connected with new moms through activities/events/popular Mom hang out places around town, such as; events at the Museum of the Rockies events, Motion Athletics open gym days, FREE groups/events at the library, at free The Motherhood Bozeman events, at the Dinosaur Park, at the seating area near the Mall Food Court (where a screen projects games for children on the floor), Moms Club free trial day, at the Bozeman Hot Springs, in various parks around town, at the free open gym events Thrive puts on, through being the Manager of my oldests’ t-ball team, at Arts on Fire (ladies night), and I even went as far as to set up my own events through a popular local Facebook group. 

Being a stay at home Mom can be lonely sometimes. I love my children more than anything, as I am sure most mothers do. I love all the time I get to spend with them, but because my primary job at the time was from home, I didn’t have any contact with anyone inside the city, besides my husband and a couple of his family friends. 

I want you to know that it is possible to connect with other mothers, it is possible to make amazing friends here in Bozeman, because Bozeman is filled with some of the most kind hearted, honest, fun, open minded, active, incredible mothers I have ever met. 

Cheers to making new friends in Bozeman! 

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