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Ever had a mom crush? I think I may have coined the term about a decade ago when I developed my first ever mom crush! 


Now, when I say mom crush, it's nothing sexual. I am describing a mom I instantly want to spend so much time with. One that I look up to and immediately begin secretly wishing that they were one of my best friends and we could hang out together every day. 


My first mom crush was on a friend, before she had children. I went to a party at her apartment. This was the first time I met her and she had only just found out she was pregnant. She was so incredibly nice and had this glow about her. She also served what is now my signature party dish (a delicious baked brie with cranberries and brown sugar). Seriously, I served this at a party a couple months after trying hers and people raved about it for weeks. Anyway, as time passed I became friends with her. I ended up moving across the ocean, but we still kept in touch. The time I spent with her was always incredible. She's naturally very creative and possibly one of the best moms I have ever met. She has always been so calm and genuine with her daughter. I could gush forever, but what I am trying to get at is that she was the first. 


It took over a decade before my next mom crush happened. It was with this mom that I met through a mutual friend. Again, she was a kindhearted and charismatic person. When she enters a room love fills the air. She has kindness radiating from her. It must just be her positive aura. Every time I talk to her I am constantly blown away and completely shocked by her life stories prior to becoming a mother. As soon as I met her I thought, one day (when our kids grow up) I want to go camping with her and other friends and stay up all night drinking and laughing and hearing more of her wild and fun stories while sitting around a campfire. And not to mention she is a legitimate singer, so she could be on vocals if we do some drunken singing! 


My third mom crush came right around the same time as my second. I met this mom who completely blew me away. She is much younger than me in years, but wise beyond her years in life experience. I can't even begin to express how mature she is. She's the kind of person who you want to have around you if you are having a melt down. She's so calm and level headed. When I met her I knew right away that I wanted to be her friend. How is this woman always so positive and kindhearted? I must have caught her on a good day. Nope! I have hung out with her on her "bad days," and she is still positive, optimistic and kind hearted. One of those people that you can legitimately trust and will listen to you ramble on forever and just be 100 percent supportive. 


I am gushing over these three incredible women because they deserved to be gushed over. I also found that they all have traits that I have always wanted to have myself. I have always secretly desired to be an artist, a singer, and an entrepreneur. My first crush is actually an artist; she's a professional photographer. I have always dreamed of being a photographer. My second crush is a singer and has had a crazy, incredible, fun life. My life has been wild-ish, but not as much as hers... and she's a singer! You know what I always remember about a camping trip? It's the time spent around the campfire signing and playing the guitar. Both things I can't do, but have always wanted to. Finally, my third crush is a very successful entrepreneur and she operates her business from home. She has no support for watching her child, so she literally watches her little one while making important business calls. How does she manage? 


I have noticed that my mom crushes all have something in common. They are all very kind hearted, welcoming friends. They are all the type of people that would be there for you if you needed them. They all have interesting backgrounds. And they all light up a room with their presence. They are people who you instantly feel like they could be your best friend after talking to them for just minutes. 


Which brings me to an idea... and it's going to be A LOT of fun! Unfortunately we have not set a date for it and I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too early, but I can tell you it's going to be a great way to meet new mom friends in Bozeman. Stay tuned to The Motherhood Bozeman page for more details. 


Have you ever had a mom crush? Gush about it! I want to know... 

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