Poet’s Tour of the Capitol


March 12, 2019
5:45pm - 6:45pm


Montana State Capitol Rotunda, 1301 E 6th Ave, Helena

To celebrate his 70th Birthday, Ed Noonan will give a “Poet’s Tour of the Capitol” on March 12 at 5:45 PM. The tour will start in the Rotunda of the Montana Capitol and will last an hour. In the 1980’s, Ed Noonan worked for three sessions as a proofreader and in the summer as a Capitol tour guide. Across that time he wrote a series of poems on the Capitol and the business of the State of Montana. Over the years, these poem have been printed and read at various Capitol events including “Russell stood in the House gallery,” “The Missouri Rivers flows in and out of the State Capitol,” and “The Laws of the State Montana are made from words.” Noonan wants to return to these poems and say them again in the Capitol. The tour is open to everyone interested with no charge. Come and enjoy hearing the poems in the building that inspired them. Following the tour, an informal reception will be held at the Hawthorne Wine.