Geologic History of Lewis and Clark Caverns


August 02, 2019
8:00pm - 9:00pm


Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, 25 Lewis & Clark Caverns Rd, Cardwell

Whether visiting the cave for the first time or the 30th, there is always something new to discover, a new cave formation to marvel at. Join geologist, Alan English, to learn about how the cave has been growing and changing for the past 2-3 million years. Although that may seem like a long time, the rock that makes up the walls of the cave is over 300 million years old! The origin story of the caverns includes an ancient sea that covered this land as far as the eye could see, tectonic upheaval that caused folded and faulted bedrock, and a patient water based acid. To understand the complexity that went into the creation of the caverns, listeners will be taken on a journey back in time, gaining insight step by step into the cavern’s geologic history.

Alan English has worked as a geologist and hydrogeologist for over 30 years. Alan’s expertise and zeal has brought him back to Lewis and Clark Caverns for Friday night programs again and again. He is currently an Associate Research Hydrogeologist with the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology in Butte Montana, where his work is focused on monitoring groundwater and studying the hydrogeology in areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

What: “Geologic History of Lewis and Clark Caverns” with Alan English
When: Friday, August 2nd, 8:00pm—9:00pm
Where: Campground Amphitheater