2020 Girls for a Change Summit


February 08, 2020
9:15am - 4:45pm


Museum of the Rockies, 600 W. Kagy Blvd, Bozeman, MT

IGNITE. CREATE. LEAD. The upcoming 2020 girls summit on February 8 at MSU Bozeman, hosted by Thrive, will inspire girls grades 8-12 from all across Montana. The goal of this year’s summit is to IGNITE the inherent potential of every girl, inspire them to CREATE the world they want, and become thoughtful LEADERS in their own communities. This one-day summit is like no other and it brings together hundreds of girls to participate in over 35+ workshops. Jennifer Perry, inventor of the Jelt Belt, is the Keynote Speaker and workshops include topics like jewelry making, STEM careers, leadership, cooking, yoga and more! Register online at allthrive.org!