2019 Ice Sculpting Contest


December 14, 2019
9:00am - 3:00pm


The Imagine Butte Resource Center, 68 W Park St, Butte


*Sculptors check in at The Imagine Butte Resource Center, 68 W. Park St. Dec. 14th from 7:30 – 9:00 am. Sculpting begins at 9:00 am.

*Sponsors can have more than one entry

*Entries can be either single or multiple ice blocks.

*Sculpting teams can be of one or two sculptors, no more than two. Groups with more than two sculptors will not be judged for prizes.

*Sculptors are competing in the following categories:
• Master Class: (Anyone who has won Grand Prize
• Adult Expert: (Ice only, No Props)
• Adult Beginner: (1st or 2nd year carving)
• Youth: Best Classic Ice Sculpture (18 and younger)
• Decorative (use of props, lights, etc.)

Sculptors can only enter one category per block of ice. YOU CAN ONLY WIN IN ONE CATEGORY. All sculptors are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE. Prizes will be awarded in each category along with an overall Grand Prize winner.

*Sponsors are competing for traveling trophy and bragging rights.

*Judging of sculptures will be based on a point system in the following areas: originality and complexity of design, proportion, artistic merit.

*Sculpture must be in good taste.

*Sculpting cannot begin before 9 a.m. and must be finished before 3 p.m.

*Organizers will prepare signage and post the name of the sponsor and names of the sculptor(s) in each location.

*Sculptors will provide their own tools. Suggested tools include: hand drills, saws, hatchets, ice chippers, chisels and mallets. No mechanical or electrical tools are permitted. Torches can be used. Torches help carvers with final touches and to make
the ice look crystal clear. Beware, however, direct heat can also cause the ice to crack. Using a torch has
little effect on judging criteria it only helps with curb appeal.

*Sponsors will provide a stand for the ice block(s). This can be a table, a stack of pallets, concrete blocks, or other sturdy stand material of choice.

*If you are in a sunny location, you should provide some type of shade for your sculpture.

*The competition will take place regardless of weather conditions or number of entries.

*Awards will be handed out at The Imagine Butte Resource Center 68 W. Park St. at 6pm.

If you have questions call Corey Gransbery @ 406-529-4795