2019 Summer Camp & Activity Guide

The Summer Camp & Activity Guide will be in our March issue. The listings will be published in the March, April and May issues of Montana Parent.

Join us at the Summer Camp Roundup and in the magazine’s Summer Camp Guide for the best bang for your buck in reaching parents, searching for activities and summer camps in Montana. Our summer camp guide is the only comprehensive resource for summer camps in our area.

The Summer Camp listings will be in the Montana Parent magazine March, April and May print and digital issues. Each listing will also be online at in our interactive Activity & Camp Finder that easily directs campers to your camp. All of these are promoted through social media to our 5,000+ fans. This is our most popular issue each year and it is heavily visited online, all year long.

{EARLY BIRD SPECIAL} Don’t miss out on this GREAT opportunity for exposure of your summer camps and/or activities. Sign up by January 15, 2019 to advertise in the March, April, May and/or June issues and register to be a vendor at the Summer Camp & Activity Roundup and you will receive FREE Facebook promotions of your camp/activity.

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All listings due by February 5th for the March 2019 SUMMER CAMP GUIDE. 

50 word description of your summer camp. FREE FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISERS ONLY. Otherwise, listings cost $200 per month. Published in the March, April and May, print and digital issues of Montana Parent. Listing is FREE during the month that you purchase a 1/6 page ad or larger. 

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** We have to manually approve each listing before it is live in the Activity Finder. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your listing right away, we will approve them as quick as possible. 


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