Breakthrough Basketball Skill Development Camps


Session 1: Fri, July 20, 2018 - Sun, July 22, 2018


Hobson High School 108 6th St. East
Hobson Montana 59452

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Phone: 866-846-7892 x 1



With this 3 day camp in Hobson, Montana your shooting percentage will go up, your mechanics will improve, and your shooting range will increase! In addition to all of this, we will focus on confidence, mental toughness, hard work, smart work, and other intangibles to develop great shooters. Foundation of Shooting This is the first step in becoming a great shooter. Some players will progress through this stage quickly, while others will need to spend a bit more time to correct some bad habits. You will also learn: How your stance could actually be causing your shot to go left and right and how to fix it. Why the parallel stance may not be the right fit for you. How your legs and not just your follow through can actually cause a flat shot. The proper release point and follow through. How inflexibility in your legs can affect your shot in a negative way. Learn the Steve Nash adjustment that allows players to shoot accurately from further distances. Shooting Off of the Catch Like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant After we have built a great shooting foundation, we will progress to shooting off of the catch. You will learn: How to make your shot quicker. The mentality to making your shot quicker. The proper body position for every shot off of the catch. The proper footwork for different situations during the game. The proper hand position to create consistency and accuracy. How to pull up out of the fast break. Shooting Off of the Dribble Like Russell Westbrook & Kyrie Irving As the levels go up, it's very important to add a pull up jump shot off of the dribble. This gives you the ability to score as defenders rush out to defend the initial shot. You will learn: The often ignored, but important progressions for the shot off of the dribble learned from legendary Hal Wissel who coached in the NBA. Learn how to properly pick up the basketball and how doing it the wrong way could be causing your shot to miss to the left and the right. Learn how the pace of the dribble can make your shot quicker. Learn how to properly execute the sweep and step through to create space from your defender. Learn the mentality needed to have a successful pull up jump shot and how the wrong mentality can be easily defended. Learn Advanced Shooting Techniques Used by the Pros You will learn the keys to a quick release used by the pros such as Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. You will learn the Michael Jordan 1-2 step used to create space and hit the open jumper. You will learn the details required to be successful with these advanced moves. If you're not ready for the advanced moves yet, we have a system setup that will progress players at the proper rates.