Mission to Mars



202 South Willson Avenue
Bozeman Montana

Contact Info

Phone: 406-522-9087

Email: outreach@cmbozeman.org


For kids entering grades 3-6. $235 per child for the five day camp; 9am-3:30pm each day. We’ve finally landed on the Red Planet! A land of low gravity, no water, and wildly fluctuating temperatures, Mars will test our limits and strain our resources. How will we ensure our survival in a remote outpost on this harsh planet? We’ll work together to design, prototype, build and test a range of high-tech scientific tools that will help us thrive in our new environment. And we need you on our team! This will be a STEAMlab facilitated, off-site camp serving 36 kids. Visit www.cmbozeman.org/camps/ or call (406)522-9087 for more info & registration.